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I noticed the latest patch on Steam is v2.2.1. Please update this game here as well as on GOG(where I bought it). Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion. We have a report of a problem with 2.2.1 on Linux, so I haven't updated it here yet. We currently don't have a Linux developer to test it.

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Okay, can I ask why you don't update those versions for which you don't have an error report?

Also, would it be possible to get a Steam key? I purchased the game here (Nov 4, 2019, and I can show you the e-mail), but I find Steam more convenient for consolidating my game purchases.

That being said, I don't want to make a big deal out of it. If it's impractical or inconvenient, I'll keep using it from my account.

I'll upload 2.2.1 after I research how to post a new build - It's been a while. Some volunteers have tested the Linux version; they say it's clean.

I love your games! Been playing Quest For Glory since i was 10 years old, and now i am 40 😆

I have a suggestion, please create a continuation of Hero U where Shawn has graduated from the University and is now roaming the town to be a real Hero?

Please don't stop making more of these!

Oh and one last thing, a voice over would be great too!

Thank you

We're currently working on a "prequel" game starring another Rogue, Tilly Appleberry. It's a less complicated game in an interactive storybook style. Lori and I think of it as a "good parts" version of an adventure game.

Summer Daze at Hero-U: Tilly's Tale will have full voiceover acting. We plan to follow it up with Summer Daze at Hero-U: Ifeyo's Adventure, with a Wizard as the viewpoint character. It will also have full voiceovers.

My only issue with this game is the whole time gate thing. I want to be able to visit an area or do a thing as soon as I find out about it, not wait around guessing how many times I'm going to have to walk to the same place or talk to the same people to get through the plot.


Understood, but it wouldn't be the same game without the time gating. That's what makes Rogue to Redemption something of a simulation, rather than a, "Get stuff done as quickly as you can," game.